Bob sled from Bill Jarvis in Teeswater.

Most of the sled is there. There is a slot in the rear sled that seems to need a plank put in.

The front sled looks quite complete.

The rear sled is stationary. Some sled have a moving rear sled moved by chains but not this one.

Notes from Bill Jarvis:
A bit of history if you are interested:
Dad (Bonar William Jarvis) His Great? Grand Father bought this (my) farm 1893.  Came from another piece of land a concession away.
After that the farm went  down from generation to generation of Jarvis's .  The barn was built in 1900 and the house shortly after. Don't know where they lived till house built??  
My Grandparents had a big family of which Dad (Bonar 1917 - 2013) was one and He took over the farm in 1939 and I (Bill) bought it in 1983.
Going back to 1893 the sleigh may have come with that Jarvis generation 1893 when moved to this location??
No way of knowing who bought it.  Dad did mention using horses as a kid but never did he mention the sleigh.

The front sled has a steel ring which allows the sleigh to move in the direction of the horses

Notes from Bill Jarvis:

My memories of the sleigh:
I am 74 years old and until about 5 years when I moved the sleigh from the shed to the barn where you saw it.  We got so used to seeing it standing up against the wall of the shed it was just became part of the wall so to speak.   It was too heavy to move. Dad and I just piled stuff around it. I remember Dad being concerned about the ends of the sleigh runners sinking into the damp dirt and rotting. As they did. He reminded me one time to put something under those runners to keep them up out of the dirt floor.  I guess I didn't listen or that piece of wood rotted away as well.  Never was it moved till I did. Time to clean up the place from generations of Jarvis stuff collecting. 

I will need to add a box on the sleigh once I get the rear attached.

The rear sled has an attachment that should go to the front sled and maybe should be attached to the board for the rear sled slot.

The rear slot for the “raise” is 5 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall

The front slot for the “raise” is 3 inches wide and 3/4 inches tall.

Dec 13 2021. It was late in the day but I was anxious to see if the tongue on the sled was the correct length. It worked fine so now to get both parts attached to a box.

Dorothee Taking away the horses after doing the test run on the sled.

Jim and Duke hold still for a photo. And yes the tongue is just fine.

Some other pieces that belong to the sleigh. Not sure if the posts are removable as I did not get these parts when I picked up the sleigh. I will get them at a future date. Do the posts help in logging or are theses for a box?

Got the reach fabricated using old parts from my machinery pile. Bill Jarvis brought the other pieces to the bob sled which I hope to use for the box for hauling firewood.

The new reach installed. Dec 24 2021

The side beams are attached with a metal dowel in the beam then fastened to the side beam with screws. Dec 25 2021

The new box for firewood. We will use hay bales to sit on. Everything comes apart easily if we want to just haul logs. Dec 25 2021

Ready to try out. Need to put the tongue on for the horses, a few bales of hay and off to the woods when we get some snow. Dec 25 2021 .

Dec 27 2021. We got our snow so off with the bob sled! This is Jim on the right and Chief on the left.

Moving down the road nest to our farm. Dec 27, 2021

In the woods where we hope to use it for hauling our firewood.

Dorothee cutting across the rye heading for home.

Arriving at the south barn and the horses want some oats after an hour of puling the sled.

Dorothee taking the horses over to get the harnesses removed and get some oats and sunflower meal.

Dec 29 2021 . Mat Loading the sled with some very heavy maple logs for firewood. This was one of the trees I should have used for lumber it was so nice. Maybe next year I will log for lumber and rent a portable saw mill.

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