July 14 2022. Did the final Cleaning and its the best camelina I have ever had! The problem has always been the mustard weed seeds that are about the same size as the camelina. The mustard seeds hardly had any time to flower or ripen the seeds. The January seeding worked well.

July 11 2022, The cleaned camelina looking very good with very few mustard seeds in it.

July 11 2022, First Cleaning the camelina

July 9 2022 The combining is done.

July 9 2022. Combining the camelina. The row in front has gone through the combine, the row in front of the combine is just being done.

July 9 2022. The dried camelina and weeds.

Yes it is July 5 2022 and it is time to swath the camelina. I use the swather since there are a few weeds and a few days of hot sun and the weeds dry up and go through the combine easily . Note the windrows of camelina done by the swather on the right side. The seeds are almost mature and swathing does not dislodge many seeds. A few days of drying the seeds will mature ready for the pickup head on the combine.

May 30 2022 the Camelina has blossomed! Very few weeds too!

May 30 2022 the Camelina has flowered and I expect to harvest it in Mid July. The red clover to the left has also done very well this year.

May 17 2022 and the camelina has really grown!

April 29 2022 and the camelina is really showing with little evidence of weeds.

March 25 2022 and there is camelina appearing.

So here I am on Feb 26 2022 spreading the Camelina seeds.

Feb 26 2022 Yes there are some very tiny camelina seeds there.

Late January 2022. So I decided to frost seed my camelina here in the field I had plowed with the horses back in November 2022. A few years before I had tried planting camelina in late November and it looked very good until the very cold days of minus 15degress C killed it. So that is why I seeded it in late January. In looking up the germination properties of camelina the seed will germinate at zero Celsius much before the many weeds.