Crimped rye for sunflowers and corn. 2022

Things for crimping rye:

The crimped rye does leave a good residue mat that really does hold back the weeds.

The second season after crimping the ground still has a good residue cover and with the clover I broadcast last fall there is now a very good crop of clover which I then used as pasture for the horses. I will clip the weeds as they show with the sickle mower.

Using the crimper on the front of the tractor and the planter behind seems like a good idea and only uses the tractor once.

There is no cultivation necessary but I did find that in last years trial I did get a few weeds between the rows which I cut down with a lawnmower.

Before the sunflowers or corn gets too high it is a good idea to broadcast some clover.

This season 2022 we will be trying the crimper on the front of the tractor and pulling the no till planter behind. We will crimp and plant in one pass.

Things against crimping rye:

Planting rye and then killing it does not seem like a very good idea especially when it could have been harvested.

If the soil organic matter is low one may not get a good enough stand of rye for crimping.

If one is going to cultivate you may need about 4 passes with the cultivator using more fuel and time

April 24 2022. I dug up some of the corn I planted a week ago as a test and found good rhizopheres on the roots. I unfortunately lost some of the root coatings in pulling it up but they are there so the microbes are working. I used the soil from the field that I planted the rye in for crimping which will have the sunflowers and corn this season 2022.

April 24 2022. Planted some corn to test the amino grow ( amino acid) and compared ti to no amino acid. While it may not be evident in the picture I felt it did show a more vigorous growth with the amino acid.

April 24 2022. The plain test on the corn an d sunflowers.

March 2022 showing the crimped rye from last year which is just starting to show some of the red clover I planted in the sunflowers.

This was test to make sure the depth was correct for the seed firmer on the Kinze planter in the spring of 2021

Sunflowers showing in the crimped rye summer of 2021. I was very impressed with the result as this was my first attempt at planting sunflowers in crimped rye. I did notice that the germination rate was a bit low so for 2022 I am going to plant a higher population and roll the field after planting to help insure good soil to seed contact.

Spring of 2021 crimping the rye. The method of having the crimper on the rear of the tractor does not work well as the rye pushed down by the tires just comes back up so for 2022 I will put the crimper on the front of the tractor and put the planter on the rear and do the crimping and planting at one pass.