Photos for 2022

Chief having his oats after the snow plowing. Jan 2022

Chief pulling the V snow plow.

Jan 2022

Gandolf visiting his rooster friend who got injured. Jan 2022

Jan 11 2022 I wished for snow for the horse drawn sled and forgot that also means I need to clean the solar cells.

Paolo visiting the farm had his first riding lesson on chief.

Jan 10 2022

Jan 6 2022. I got the bin put in on the north side of the north barn and filled it to the top with our oats that I had stored in our seed container pictured in the background. The fork lift is to the right with a bag of oats.

The oats bin being filled with our oats. Dec 6, 2022. My large diesel tractor had starter problems so I used the gas tractor which worked very well.