Photos for 2022

AUG 13 2022. Mat with Jim and Duke racking hay.

Aug 12 2022, Mat with Chief and Jim teddering the hay.

Aug 111 2022 A Jamaican friend Buju driving Chief and Jim

August 10 2022. Jim. Duke and I cut hay today. It was a lot of hard work for all of us. It was quite thick and tough going for the horses but I think we got enough for the winter on this cut.

August 7 2022. April and Kye pounding posts for the chickens.

August 6 2022. Kye driving ginger and Chief with April giving encouragement.

August 6 2022 April walking Ginger.

August 7 2022. This is April from Toronto nailing up the fence for the chickens... of maybe better said to keep out the fox.

July 31 2022. Aric and Duke in training

July 31 2022. Lily and Duke in training.

July 31 2022 Aric and Jessie

July 17 2022 Sunday afternoon Dorothee and I took some time off to have fun with a friendly competition for horses call Chores.

Another contestant getting ready for the stone boat sled part of the horse chores

July 17 2022 Horses and men looking at the fun.

WE had a visitor on the weekend. Here is lily leading Duke.

July 6 2022. The corn is forming a canopy to discourage the weeds. I wish I had been able to plant the corn into the crimped rye.. so next year!

July 5 2022. Swathing the camelina. I use the swather since there are a few weeds and once cut the weeds dry out and go through the combine better. The camelina is not quite mature but it will mature in a few days of sunshine before I combine. Notice the windrows of drying camelina on the right.

June 28 2022. Paolo, Dorothee and Nick. We really appreciated the guys for coming out and helping with the haying.

June 28 2022. Paolo guiding Chief while he pulls a log. This was just a practise for Paolo who had never used a horse to pull a log.

June 28 2022 Paolo, Callum and Nick came out to help with the haying. This day I had run out of wagons the day before but continued baling leaving the bales on the ground which we came back to fetch with the wagon. The previous load we used Duke and Chief to pull the wagon.

June 28 2022, The horses cooling off in the woods to escape the heat of the day.

June 27 2022 On the crimped rye there are a few sunflowers coming up but the lack of rain makes things slow to poke above the crimped rye.

June 26 2022 It was a very hot day and Will came an helped pile bales on the wagon.

This haying was difficult. It started with me trying to use the sickle mower on the tractor as I figured it was too hot for the horses. This was a mistake as the hay was just too thick. So I next used the Swather and cut the hay too high giving poor results. I do not like using the swather as it leaves windrows that take too long to dry. I tried to tedder the cut hay and that too gave me problems as it was too thick and again I should have cut it lower. The raking also gave me problems as the cut was too high and the tines caught in the uncut grass below the drying hay..

The kittens have been a great joy to Dorothee and me. They go out all day and then in the evening crash on Dorothees couch.

June 24 2022. It was a very hot day so I decided to use three horses to rake the hay field. Worked out very well.

June 24, 2022. Using Chief and Jim to tedder the hay field.

Jun e 22 2022. Update on the corn I just cultivated. Wish I had planted the corn in the crimped rye, Maybe next year.

June 10 2022. This is the field after the horses ate and trampled it down. The fields previously eaten and trampled are back up and in full bloom.

June 10 2022. The horses have not tackled this red clover yet. I was very impressed with the very dense and tall red clover. I was advised to hay the red clover then in the fall combine it for seed. So instead I let the horses eat it, trample it down and let it grow again.

June 10 2022. This is mob grazing the Red Clover that I planted into the sunflower field. Looked rather impressive.

June 9 2022. Tyne weeding the corn a few days after planting with Jim and Chief.

April 29 2022 Dorothee wondering if our apricots will make it this year. Most years the frost kills the blossoms.

April 29 2022. An early trillium in the woods.

April 29 2022. Dorothee looking at the wonderful display of plants in the woods.

April 17 2022. Dorothee and I took Jim and Ginger up to the woods for a load of wood. If you look closely you can see Dorothee driving the team after unhitching them from the wagon.

April 3 2022. Dorothee and I take a nap after lunch with the kittens. Patches pictured here is a real favourite of Dorothee's.

March 9 2022, Yes we are gathering maple sap from our woods. And it was flowing well.

Feb 5 2022. Note the sled is parked facing away from the farm as the horses tend to be less anxious to go away from the farm and pull accordingly. The hay bale is for driver and passenger comfort.

Dorothee driving the team from the woods with Jim and Duke Feb 5 2022

Feb 5 2022, the battery operated chainsaw. I have two batteries but rarely need them both.

Feb 5 2022. Loading the sled with firewood with Jim and Duke in the background...

Jan 29 2022, The morning starts with lighting the cook stove. Note the rescued water tank on the left that heats our water from the wood stove. It has been well below zero for quite a few days and there is nothing more wonderful than a warm fire in the morning after chores.

Cleaning the solar cells on the pole barn jan 29 2022.

The main pasture on Jan 29 2022, snow and lots of snow.

A dedicated Dorothee out in the minus 14 C shucking corn for the chickens. Jan 28 2022

Ginger and Chief getting oats and sunflower meal after pulling the sled may 25 2022.

Dorothee driving the horses after sledding for the afternoon. Jan 25 2022

Mat with Chief and Ginger pulling the sled in the north woods. Jan 25 2022

Dorothee doing some cross country skiing jan 25 2022 in the north woods.

And yes bowl of oats and sunflower meal after the snowplowing. Jan 23 2022

Jan 23 2022 and more snow so Chief was put into snowplow mode. Note I let the lines go so that I could take the picture but with Chief he stayed absolutely still.

Chief having his oats after the snow plowing. Jan 2022

Chief pulling the V snow plow.

Jan 2022

Gandolf visiting his rooster friend who got injured. Jan 2022

Jan 11 2022 I wished for snow for the horse drawn sled and forgot that also means I need to clean the solar cells.

Paolo visiting the farm had his first riding lesson on chief.

Jan 10 2022

Jan 6 2022. I got the bin put in on the north side of the north barn and filled it to the top with our oats that I had stored in our seed container pictured in the background. The fork lift is to the right with a bag of oats.

The oats bin being filled with our oats. Dec 6, 2022. My large diesel tractor had starter problems so I used the gas tractor which worked very well.