Matthew Redsell

Mat as born in northern Ontario in Kirkland lake. The family moved to Sudbury where mat started his piano lessons and started his mechanical tinkering. Deciding to go to university to study music he arrived at the university of Toronto where he spent about 5 years and not really getting anywhere. After realizing that he had a good knack of working in wood and his love of music he decided to start building harpsichords. In a few years he had a shop and was producing harpsichords fashioned after historical examples in museums. This blossomed and one of the things that he enjoyed was tuning harpsichords in historical turnings. During this time mat founded a magazine called Continuo which had a readership across north america. It also started selling books and recordings on the internet with software developed by mat.

After a number of years he became distracted by hang gliding and decided to pursue his magazine and mail order business in the states by one of the best hang gliding sites. And after a few more years decided to join Jim Marske to develop flying wing gliders in Ohio. And after a number of years enjoying flying and building gliders he returned to Canada to pursue sustainable living which has occupied his time ever since. He got enamoured by the idea of being self sufficient so built an off grid residence with a windmill, solar cells and evacuated hot water tubes. Mat was also very interested in the alternative fuels so started down the road of pressing sunflower oil for fuel This lead to producing sunflower oil for human consumption.

Not being satisfied with things he ventured in to farming by renting land and starting to grow sunflowers seeds which lead to acquiring farm machinery and eventually using horses for farming.

In about 2015 mat and Dorothee joined forces to purchase a farm where the oil pressing, flour milling and the growing of many of the crops used in the the production of oil and flour has flourished. And once into farming mat became very interested in soil health.

Unfortunately just after getting Married to Dorothee Mat was diagnosed with leukemia. After about 8 months in hospital and a stem cell transplant he has recovered and is back on the farm enjoying life to the fullest.

Jim and Mat may 2021