Rye sourdough bread no kneading required

Day 1

Use about 50gm of starter (this can be starter made with rye or spelt. Try not to mix the flours in the starter though)

To this add 1 cup of spelt whole grain flour, and enough water to produce a watery dough.

Remember to feed your starter as well

about 12 hours later ( 8 to 12 seems to work) you will have a spongy poolish, with lots of bubbles. To this you now add rye flour and / or spelt. I started with 1&2/3 cups rye and 1 cup spelt to give a 40% rye dough. This makes a wet ragged dough.

Then  I increased the rye content next time to 60% rye (2 cups rye and 2/3 cup spelt)

Whichever one you use, add enough water to make a very soft dough and mix it well (I find a good solid fork works well)

Mix for about 1 minute, then let it rest for 20 minutes before adding 1&1/2 tsp salt, and mix that in well. Add more water if needed to give a wet dough.

Day 2

Now you can let it rise at room temperature overnight, and bake it in the morning at 425 for 30 minutes in a covered baker (cast iron or ceramic) uncover and allow to brown and become crusty 10 to 15 minutes to taste.  

I heat the baker in the oven as the oven warms, and for  an extra 15 minutes, sprinkle flour in the bottom, then pour in the somewhat sloppy dough.

Questions? Email dorothee (dotstek00@yahoo.ca)