Share our farm

Opportunity: Share a working farm
Farm: Mats Fine Oils
Location: Straffordville, Southwestern Ontario

My wife and I want to share and pass on our regenerative farm, and the skills to reduce our present workload as we age. I would like to continue to work the fields to build soil health as well as working with our draft horses. Dorothee would like more time in the garden and together we would like to do some kayaking.

We press Sunflower, flax, camelina and hemp oils from crops on our farm. We also produce rye and spelt flour along with corn meal from our fields. We have heritage chickens and organic eggs and are self sufficient in feeding ourselves and our animals, have solar cells and generators that run on sunflower oil for our own electricity. We also have grid available.

As well as the four draft horses we have four tractors that run on sunflower oil, a combine and a swather with all of the equipment needed in the fields as well as everything for baling hay with the horses or tractors.

We practice regenerative farming using pastures and animals, having crops only after many seasons of pasture.

We have a welding shop, machine shop and wood working shop and all the equipment necessary for making and maintaining our equipment.

The farm is debt and mortgage free and have a good customer base for our oil and flour sales. Our sales are increasing and with little effort it will be made easily more profitable but at the moment with just Dorothee and myself we limit our sales.

We built a new two bedroom apartment over our new workshop and would like to find a family or couple that want to share this apartment and lifestyle.

Please look up the site I created to inform you about our self sufficient lifestyle:


We need to find a family, couple or person that want to share the farm.

We suggest that visiting the farm. This could be for more than one person or couple who would like this opportunity. Hopefully someone would like to proceed with a longer stay for a week then later get paid mentorship or internship with an agreed wage within a year to take in all the seasons and crops. If this is successful then we could go on a profit sharing basis or consider developing a coop farm.

See my suggestions for the coop (

All financial accounting will be available and candidates should also show their own finances as to who they will survive financially.

If this is what you would like please arrange a visit to the farm to see if this is what you would like.

We are non religious.

Mat and Dorothee

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