How spelt flour is made into flour

This is the basic set up for dehulling spelt.

We load the barrel with hulled spelt and regulate the flow with a hand operated gate on the bottom of the barrel.

The spelt that does not get dehulled on the first round gets put through the dehuller again from the seed cleaner and put on the conveyor.

The conveyor leads to an auger that brings the spelt up to the dehuller.

The dehuller in action falling down and the trash is blown out the side of the building for our compost pile.

The variable frequency motor and drive,

The finished dehulled spelt seeds

The trash that was removed.

And Finally the spelt seeds are put into the stone ground flour mill.

If you look carefully you will see an auger that takes the fresh milled flour up to the seed cleaner. We take out the trash ( seed coatings) but leave in the bran for health reasons.