The press Room

Feb 4 2022. Cleaning the sunflower press parts.

Hemp seeds being pressed on the Komet press Jan 2022

Flax being pressed Jan 2022

Mat putting in the filter cloths to clean the sunflower oil. Jan 2022

The filter press getting the filter cloths put in jan 2022

The press room early may 2021. The single cylinder diesel that runs on sunflower oil. Also in the picture the filer press for clarifying the sunflower oil.

The business side of the sunflower oil press. It comes out coloured black so we need the filter press to take out the black

The sunflower meal from the press moved by an electric auger that is run from a sunflower powered diesel generator.

Taking apart the sunflower press so it can be cleaned and ready for the next pressing.

The auger being removed for cleaning.

Sunflower seeds going in the hopper to be crushed by the auger.

Parts being cleaned from the sunflower press.

Dorothee cleaning the filter press cloths.

Cleaning the centrifuge parts after our pressing of aug 9 2021