Photos 2018

First cut of hay in spring of 2018 using the swather.

The swather in the field

Marianna raking hay spring 2018

A picture of mat helping with haying home from the hospital with no hair!!!!!

Dorothee in the garden

Sunflowers and weeds. I was in hospital so some of the work did not get done.

The love of my life visiting me when I had a break from being in hospital. We visited Kensington market.

Mats design of the folding roofs for the combine heads.

Marianna Packing a field

Marianna and Sean working with the horses

Marianna using the sickelmower cutting hay

We had a pole barn constructed

Haying with Marianna and Sean

Back from the hospital and driving the tractor pulling the baler. Yes I had no hair because of the latest chemo treatment!!

The stooker at work on the hay field

Carlos logging with the horses

Carlos driving three horses to get firewood from the wood lot

Plowing with Carlos

Mat driving three horses.

Dorothee and our christmas tree