Coyle Organic Farm photos from 2019

Dec 2019

Duke and Chief pulling a wagon to get firewood.

Dec 2019

Two of our helpers, Justina and Suzie riding Duke and Chief

Dorothee with Jim and Duke Jan 14, 2020

Mat with Jim and Duke Jan 14 2020

Mat and chief using his new horse drawn snow plow.

Feb 1 2019 Dorothee heading out cross country skiing to the woods.

Dorothee doing dishes. Our water pump got frozen and broke the casing so for a short tim e we had no water. Luckily I had an older casing and in a couple of hours we were back with water, but it really tired me out carrying the pump up from the well.

Flynn our new horse visiting with friends, Peter and Helena and their kids.

The horses feeding station

A snow storm looking toward the north barn.

Dorothee training Flynn to pull logs

Mat cross country skiing in the north woods.

The clipper seed cleaner being worked on. It is a lot of work to get this rebuilt. I just pretty much finished the variable speed system. Yes there are new bearings and shafts too. I can only get an hour or so every day to work on it as there are many things to do with the chores and equipment repairs.

Some americanas in the hay barn. July 14 2019

Sunflowers just starting in late June 2019

Getting sunflower seeds from the grain bin

Carlos using the new hay tedder. This really helps fluff up the hay but the machine is very old and in need of lots of work.