Farm Photos 2020

Dorothee training duke and Jim. Jim has a bad habit of pulling too hard so I work him every day getting him accustomed to slowing down and its working!@

Late January 2020 Our three horses. Duke, chief and Jim

Ok its mats turn to get Jim to pull less.

If you look closely you will see me with my cat. Dusky rides out with me to feed the horses and bring them water. He is an old cat and just loves sunshine but I have a hard time telling him that he will never get tan!

The start of our greenhouse. Dorothee wanted a greenhouse to start her plants and I thought it would be a nice Christmas present for her.... almost February and its not done yet!!!!

Mat with Jim and Duke

Dorothee with Jim and Duke

Justina pulling a log

Justin bringing in a load of logs

Justina plowing with Duke

Mat plowing snow

Visitors Nick and Angie

Mat discing with jim, duke and chief

Dorothee with Jim, Duke and Chief

Tina Learning the art of driving horses.

New batch of chicks april 30 2020

Dorothee washing bottles ready for the next pressing.

Dorothee and Dusky helping with a puzzle. April 30 2020

Our new Belgian horse named Ginger. May 2020

Mat Planting sunflowers with Duke, Jim and Chief.