Dorothee getting fresh spelt bread from the wood fired oven. Early January 2021

Dorothee taking Duke for a walk in the woods. Early January 2021

Mat riding Chief with our new to us saddle from Almut. Jan 29 2021

Dorothee walking Ginger in our woods. Mat took the photo while riding Chief.

Feb 3 2021. Mat with Ginger and chief getting a load of firewood from the woods.

Jan 23 2021

Dorothee just getting our delicious spelt bread from the wood stove

Dorothee pulling logs with Chief and Duke Feb 2021

Fantastic food from Dorothee. The cheese she makes is incredible.

Mealtime for the horses Feb 2021

Mat Bringing in the horses to the south pasture Feb 21 2021

Ginger taking it easy while eating!

Duke waiting for mat to finish cutting the logs.

Dorothee pulling logs in our woods

Bringing in a load of firewood

Bringing in more firewood

Fresh baked scones and hot soup for lunch.

Mat Cross country skiing.

Dorothee loves her cross country skiing

Lunch for the horses

The solar powered golf cart! Just incredible.. never needs charging from the grid as the sun keeps it going and when it is raining we just do not use it.

And yes we produce veggie oils in our press room.

Horse back riding at the farm.