Dorothee getting fresh spelt bread from the wood fired oven. Early January 2021

Dorothee taking Duke for a walk in the woods. Early January 2021

Mat riding Chief with our new to us saddle from Almut. Jan 29 2021

Dorothee walking Ginger in our woods. Mat took the photo while riding Chief.

Feb 3 2021. Mat with Ginger and chief getting a load of firewood from the woods.

Jan 23 2021

Dorothee just getting our delicious spelt bread from the wood stove

Dorothee pulling logs with Chief and Duke Feb 2021

Fantastic food from Dorothee. The cheese she makes is incredible.

Mealtime for the horses Feb 2021

Mat Bringing in the horses to the south pasture Feb 21 2021

Ginger taking it easy while eating!

Duke waiting for mat to finish cutting the logs.

Dorothee pulling logs in our woods

Bringing in a load of firewood

Bringing in more firewood

Fresh baked scones and hot soup for lunch.

Mat Cross country skiing.

Dorothee loves her cross country skiing

Lunch for the horses

The solar powered golf cart! Just incredible.. never needs charging from the grid as the sun keeps it going and when it is raining we just do not use it.

And yes we produce veggie oils in our press room.

Horse back riding at the farm.

Dorothee and our new cat smokie. Smokie arrived one day very pregnant and very hungry. She immediately took to Dorothee and with lots of fresh milk and cat food she has done well with Dorothees care.

Patches, Gandolf and Tiger oct 25 2021

Oct 25 2021. These are citrons as sued on farms long ago. They keep for extended periods of time and make wonderful preserves. This was a delicacy my mother prepared for us and now Dorothee has take up the challenge.

Nov 11 2021. This is a photo of one eyed Gandolf. He developed a very serious infection in one eye. We had got on the infection right away but it persisted and had to have the eye removed. He certainly does not seem to be bothered that he has just one eye and is a happy playful cat. In the backgound are Tiger and Patches.

After a hard day working the horses Dorothee usually helps me take the harnesses off. They are actually quite heavy and I really appreciate someone helping.

Nov 11 2021. I decided to try my hand at growing camelina but ti does present problems. If I wait for warmer weather in the spring the camelina does not complete well with the weeds so I want to frost seed the camelina in the snow and hopefully it will grow before the weeds get going. So we first plowed the ground and here I am smoothing it out with the disc and a rolling basket. One of my ideas is to get the camelina started in the snow as it will germinate a close to freezing whereas the weeds tend to like a warmer tempereature.

Cleaning the sunflower seeds Dec 1 2021. I was very late in combi9ning the sunflowers this year, just too much rain and now snow. This is my small cleaner but I do have the large clipper which I am working on getting ready to clean the rest of the sunflower seeds.

Kittens in the cart basket! They have certainly given us a lot of fun. They wake Dorothee up in morning by licking her face then scamper all around the bed until she gets up.

Dec 24 2021

We are still picking kale for our salads on Dec 29 2021

Dec 29 2021 .Mat and the rebuilt bob sled. A wonderful experience and just in time for the snow.