Photos 2023

Jan 31 2023. The week is getting quite cold but Jim and Chief needed some exercise so Dorothee came along with us to get fire wood with the sled. The sled had to be broken free since the runners had stuck solidly to the ground and it sure did not slide very well for the first kilometre going up to the woods.

Jan 30 2023. Yes I decided to split the tractor as the clutch was acting odd. Nothing seemed unusual but a new clutch would be a good idea.

Jan 30 2023. Duke and I are headed to the north woods to cut firewood. We also pulled some logs

Jan 25 2023 January has been a warm month so far just about freezing with little snow. We expect a lot more snow in the next week.

Jan 10 2022 Just heading home from the woodlot driving Duke and Jim. They were very well behaved so I gave them an extra helping of oats and sunflower meal.

Jan 10 2023 in the afternoon. We still had some light so I decided to cut some firewood and used the manure spreader to get the wood as there was no snow for the sled. Note the horses on a hitching post in the background. Dorothee lifted the wood and I used the electric chainsaw to cut up the logs.

Jan 10 2023 It was an overcast day with no rain so I decided to fill the oats bin. The tractor you can't see is powering the auger.

January 8 2023. It was a dull day but I decided to clean sunflowers. This is quite an operation but it was very successful. I have been working on the Clipper cleaner for about 6 years and each year it improves but this year was excellent and it worked very well. Its a bit nerve wracking with the box of sunflowers to be cleaned so high in the air...