Our Farm!

More pictures from the farm!

This is the new pull behind combine for the horses. It has its ow motor and was in running condition when we got it. Ofcourse I have taken it all apart and had it repainted. Oct 5 2017

Graydon Bowman learning the art of manure spreading. He and his girlfriend visted for a day. Graydon is the son of my friend Roayl Bowman who I visited many years ago to do farming.

The new feeding station for the horses. They loose a lot less hay with this setup.

Looking back from the horse drawn hay rake. Getting ready for the baler!

Dorothee and linda in the sunflower field about early august.

Amelia learning how to drive horses august 2017

Graydon and Amelia learning the art of using the sickle mower.

Plowing with two horses sept 2017

The dehuller and small cleaner oct 2017

Closeup of the dehuller. Oct 2017

Oct 22 update

Seeding spelt with the horse drawn seed drill.

The new sunflower pans for harvesting sunflowers! Works really well and very few seeds lost.

Hay raking, second cut

Mat and the Horses, Chief, Jim, Duke and Queen.

July 15 2017update:

We now have four belgians which work the fields. We are looking forward to moving the oil pressing to the farm in october of 2017. This year we have grown camelina, sunflowers, hemp and spelt. the spelt is for the horses and dorothees bread making.


Daniel Discing with chief, queen and major

Jim the new blond belgian

First day out for the chicks dorothee has hatched


On Sept 15 2015 we will be purchasing our farm. Unfortunately it is not organic yet so there will be a few years of transition with no chemicals being used. The farm otherwise is perfect for our operations where we expect to grow sunflowers, camelina and hemp. Eventurally we will move the oil pressing there too.

There is 50 acres. 35 or so for crops. about 9 a woodlot and the rest across the road with a pond and stream with trees.


dorothee and Major our first draft horse . November 23 2015

Fields just north of second barn, looking west to property line of trees

the farm house

On the east side of barn #2 at coyle road.