Notes from Coyle Organic Farm

Next oils pressing and ground flour on august 19, 2019

Recently someone sent me a video on how to tell if you food has been tampered with . This prompted me to think about where our food comes from and what fresh really means. I notice that there is a number of grocery chains that advertise their produce is fresh. I think it is an advertising gimmick since most grocery chains rely on a delivery system to a distribution center then again trucked to the grocery store. I have never really asked how fresh the veggies are but I suspect that it is at least 4-5 days from picking.

Having a garden lets one choose the best tasting veggies for planting and when its lunch time just go to the garden and pick a really fresh salad. Having a garden also lets you know what soils your veggies are grown in. I just do not trust any chemicals in the soil that kill biological life.

Vegetable oils in grocery stores on the other hand could be months old as there is no date of pressing on any bottles I have seen in the grocery store. Our oils have the date of pressing on the label and most oils need to be refrigerated to maintain any nutrition. Especially flax oils need to be kept in the refrigerator as it deteriorates quickly if not kept cool ( we actually freeze our flax oil) . Camelina oil is the only one I know of that is stable at room temperature for up to a month.

I do not trust any food that is not organically grown. When we first purchased our farm we were shocked at the lack of life in the soil. Finally after a few years life began in the soil again and I can remember feeling ecstatic at seeing worms in the soil.